Jun 25, 2008

wonder in AKIBA

I belong to a small group in the nearest library and take a lecture about children's literature from a librarian once a month.
Every year, they go on a field trip.
They joined a tour in the Diet Building last year.

I became a member in this group recently and casually suggested about this year's friel trip that I can't go to Akiba by myself but it would be fun to go there with them.
All the members look rather plain and modest in appearance, but the truth is, they are all very curious people.
And my suggestion came true today.

You know, I'm always a very serious person^^, so I needed to fire me up to the great possible extent. ^^;
I don't take the blame for any problems caused by watching this picture, but if you are brave enough, go on and see what the cosplay is like...

It cost me 1,000yen, $10.00, for a rental dress and one shot.
I bought ramen and a canned tea for a souvenir.

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