Jun 19, 2008

Tadoku class in high school

I went to Suginami Sougou high school to join Tadoku class today. This is the second time for me.
All the students should be the same ones as the last time, but they are much more enthusiastic to read today and I did enjoy being with them.

The best part was that I was able to communicate with three male students who looked unmotivated and showed 'let me be alone' attitude the last time.
This communication began with a conversation with one male student who had just finished foreign exchange study in US and came back to Japan last week.
I asked him in English what was like his days in US and he seemed to enjoy talking about his experiences with me.

Then two boys sitting next to him showed some interests in our conversation, and
I was able to read 'Curious George' to one of the boys at the end of the class.
While I was reading, he looked bit uneasy with some girls coming to him and giggling just little bit, but I'm sure he wasn't annoyed too much.

There is one more thing I was glad today.
One boy said that my English has good rhythm. Whoa!
I'd been worrying since I started to read aloud at school if my speaking of English is good enough to be a teacher.
For example, I can't distinguish the pronunciation of bug and bag.
Isn't absurd such person to be a teacher?
I know pronouncing each words correctly is not everything you need to communicate in the real situation, even though, I couldn't let the idea away that I haven't practiced seriously to pronounce English properly.
His comment can be said a proof that my reading English doesn't make them uneasy or rather might let them realize the importance of rhythm of English.
I should take his compliment as it is and be confident with my using English in class.

What books should I take next time?
The lesson I learned today is this, be patient then you'll find a way.

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