Jun 30, 2008

Storytelling performance, lecture, workshop

Aren't you interested in storytelling?
Werder's storytelling lectures and workshops are hold this summer.

for more details...

7/19(sat)-20(sun) 10:00~ at Shinagawa kenkou center in Tokyo
8/9(sat)-10(sun) 10:00~ at open forum Waseda in Tokyo
8/11(mon)-12(tue) 10:00~ at open forum Waseda in Tokyo

7/18(fri) 19:00~ at Shinagawa Kenkou center in Tokyo
8/9(sat) 19:00 at open forum Waseda in Tokyo

7/19(sat) 18:45~ at Shinagawa Kenkou ceter
8/8 (fri) 17:00~ at Tudajyuku Univ. Tuda Umeko kinen Kouryukan
8/16(sat) 19:00~ at open forum Waseda
I'm going to go one of the performances.


Chicosunny_e said...

Hi, I'm gonna take the 16th from 19:00 one.
That's actually the only one I can attend since I'm taking classes at Uni. for 3 weeks in this summer.
Being a full-time student would be interesting experience. Believe or not, I might be the best and dream student of all. My high school teachers wouldn't believe how serious student I am.
Thanks for the information!!

mrs. malone said...

I've added another Tudajyuku site for more information. I kept a seat for a performance on Aug. 8th in Tudajyuku Univ. This performance costs 1,000 yen, so it's bit cheaper than other performances hold in other places. About the best student, I once, only once^^;, was chosen as a best student in Simul English school and got a book coupon worth 20,000yen!! I didn't show any conspicuous progress in the class, but I know why I was able to get this prise. For a speech practice, I brought Shamisen to the class and played quite easy piece in order to shoten the speech time^^; This strategy proved to be a good one and the teacher showed great interest in Shamisen. This is why... I know you truely deserve the best student award this time!