Jun 14, 2008

田植え rice planting

My family belongs to a volunteer group in Tokyo Metropolitan Sayama Park.
This park is maintained by professional park rangers and volunteer workers who are interested in nature and want to recreate 'satoyama' , an area where people used to make their living by food and commodities obtained by surrounding mountains.
These pictures show preparatory stage, Shirokaki, for rice planting.

My partner is a great lover of nature and likes to go such country sides every weekends. It's Saturday today, so he worked in this park and harvested wheat to make Udon, Japanese noodle, and after that he's gone to some mountains in Nagano... I don't know where he is now and where he's going to sleep tonight. I hope he will come back home safely tomorrow.
He works on weekdays in the very middle of Tokyo, so this is something he needs to do to let his stress away.

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