Jun 20, 2008

Off meeting in Shinjyuku

I had a wonderful time today with many enthusiastic Tadokist, some of them I've never met and only talked on the Tadoku board up to now.
Some gave me almost the same impressions as I've expected, but some are quite different from the images I've made up in my mind just talking on the board.
Now, I can write a reply comment more easily to the person I met today.

Best of all, I'm glad I was able to see my friend who I've been curious about her history of learning English and I felt so sure that she is the mentor I've been looking for about my English learning.
There are many English teachers out there, but few are truly capable of being a teacher, I guess.

Every time I join a meeting with mothers of elementary school, I feel terribly stressed and can't be what I really am, because their topics of conversation are usually far from what I'm interested in.
They talk a lot about children's supplemental educations, fashion, anti aging technique etc, but I have no interests at all for those topics.
I try very hard to be happy, but every time I end up being my face tighten up and become expressionless.
Today, I'm fully satisfied.


Chicosunny_e said...

Hi! It was such a great Friday and I've been in such a great mood ever since. The Friday afternoon class must have been one of the best classes I've ever had because of the up-lifting mood I had. Some of the questions i had about you were solved and now I feel like we are really getting to know each other. I'm really thankful to get to know all those inspiring people.
Well, I think it is about time to plan regular meetings, shall we?

mrs. malone said...

I wish I had my head wrinkled with laughter. Oh, I had so many questions about you and still tons are left unsolved. You are terribly worth digging? Everytime I dig, I sure hit some amazing things. (Does this make sense? I wanted to say the meeting last time was not enough to know you.)
Tell me more about creative writing lessons next time. By the way, what's the regular meeting?
It gave me a chill on my back... What and where are you planning to pull me into...maybe, hot spring...Gee...I have to quit chocolate, cookies, rice cracker, ice cream with chocolate sauce ...