Jun 7, 2008

letter from my student

I'm sooooo happy, because I got a letter from my student.
I was a private English, kind of, teacher of her and she came to my house once a week for about two years when she was an elementary student.
I wrote here 'kind of' because I was like a friend's mother who happen to be good at English and she spent time in my house with me like a mother and a daughter.

We enjoyed reading Oxford Reading Tree.
I let her take home several easy books and tapes for a week and checked if she can read them when she came the next week.
She was able to read books in Stage 7 when I quit teaching.

She is the second grade in junior high school now.
She says she's been having all 5s, the best score, in English up to now.
And more, she writes she wants to read some English books and wants me to send some.

I was sure that reading simple and easy stories is the best way for a beginner of English because my daughter had showed amazingly good results simply by reading English books.
I didn't follow usual approaches and I didn't teach anything at all about grammatical things.

I think tadoku gave her something special that you cannot get if you did the usual approach, studying grammatical things and translating English into Japanese.

Her letter is a proof that my approach, tadoku, is quite effective to learn English.
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Chicosunny_e said...

emmie-san! Wonderful, brilliant story. Thanks for sharing such an inspiring one. I've got to follow your great example.

mrs. malone said...

Hi Chico! I called myself 'a teacher ' here, but the reality is I was just a 英語の上手なおばちゃん. I forgot to write this. Her mother played an important role, too. I guess her mother found something good in tadoku and me. I asked her to listen to her daughter's reading at least once a week at home. I wish I could do the same easy going, のほほん, tadoku someday, but Tokyo, a money speaks a lot city, doesn't allow me to do it, no space and no money for books. :-< whinning as always...

Chicosunny_e said...

Gee. I've got to take you some places while you are in Tokyo. Tokyo has multiple faces. Not only greedy money monster one but is has a quite soothing one as well. You've got to give me a chance to show you those faces. Perhaps sometime in Sep. or Oct when we can enjoy colored leaves in Rotenburo. What do you say?

emmie said...

Hi Chico!
Let me out to the Rotenburo!!!But,
mmmmmmm,I have to quit chocolate, cookies and candy and .....I have to go through really tough time to make it come true.