Jun 2, 2008

leave pride behind and broaden your world in English

When I first started this blog, I just wanted to write something with my English words even it's not perfect. I was not sure I could write more than three sentences a day.
Now, I'm so proud of myself having started this big trial because I can exchange ideas with people living all over the world.
It doesn't matter where you live or when you have free time to make friends and share ideas as long as you have guts and don't afraid to make mistakes.
Why don't you leave some of your pride behind and enjoy what you can do in English?

Today, I got a newsletter, African Recipes Secrets Ezine, from my friend in U.S.A. and she has used my DONABE story with some pictures in her first newsletter.
I'm greatly honored to be a part of her new departure.

This is the clipping of my story in the newsletter.
Featured recipe story - DONABE Jollof Rice from Tokyo, Japan
DONABE Jollof Rice

I have a Japanese friend in Tokyo named ------. She made Jollof RIce using an interesting cooking method and Japanese rice. She sent me some photos along with her story.
Here is her blog post about her experience making Jollof Rice.

“I tried another African recipe, Jollof Rice, yesterday. I wanted to make it just like the way the recipe says, but I needed to make some changes.
First, I couldn't find parboiled rice, so I used the Japanese rice I usually use instead.
Next, I don't have a gas oven, so I decided to use DONABE, an earth pot. (I wonder if I could call this dish DONABE Jollof Rice...)
I had a gas oven in my own house in Kyushu, but I I moved to Tokyo last year and am living in a rented house. There is no space in my small kitchen to put a gas oven. Cooking in an electric oven doesn't satisfy me.
This is my first time using SPAM. I thought Spam would be really greasy and salty, but it was not.
My children really liked it and had another helping, again and again. I hope I can make this with parboiled rice using a gas oven someday.”

------, thanks for sharing.

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Aren't you interested in starting your blog in your own English words, too?
Amazing things are sure waiting for you!


Chicosunny_e said...

Brilliant! Bravo! You rock!
That's all I want to say.

emmie said...

Thanks chico! I don't know where I'm heading for...