Jun 6, 2008





Hello _______,
I want to thank you very much once again for the recepy!
I found all i needed here in ____ to make okonomiyaki. This week-end was my friend's ___ surprise birthday party.
And i decided to make okonomiyaki for her and my friends. And you know what? It was a huge succes! Everybody loved it. It was absolutely delicious!
In fact, i liked it so much that i'm thinking to buy a grill like those you use to cook in Japan, because i beleive i am going to cook okonomiyaki quite often. I am so very pleased! I send you some pictures, but sorry, they aren't so good.
Next time i do okonomiyaki, i will do it at home, it will be easier to take pictures. Saturday at the party there was so much people we could barely move.

Some weeks ago i met someone who just came back from a trip around Japan and i was very surprised when he told me about the price of some things. Not as expensive as i thought it would be. Here in _____, prices are going up and up! Until now we were very lucky, life was pretty cheap compared to Europe or even USA and the rest of _____. But with the price of oil skyrocketing, everything is getting expensive.

Did you have a good Golden Week? Did you and your family make something special during those days?
Have a very good day and take care!
Ja mata!

Hello ____and Good job!
Okonomiyaki looks quite delicious! Oishisou ^_^/~
It's really amazing that you can get all the things to make Okonomiyaki in your town.I told my friend about your Okonomiyaki trial and she was also very surprised that someone living in __ know Dashi, Tenkasu so on...I didn't expected to see a picture of Okonomiyaki made in ___coming with Sapporo?!
Do you enjoy other kinds of Japanese beer like Kirin, Asahi? I just worte a diary of Golden week, so if you have time, please check it out.http://bloggermalone.blogspot.com/
It's good to hear you are having a good weather now.
It's already quite hot in here, I'm wearing just a T-short now. It's fine today, so I put all the wet camping tent and sleeping bags outside to dry.
I need to take them inside now, so I will write about the living cost of Japan, especially in _____, terribly money consuming city.
Good day to you all!


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