May 2, 2008

talk chat talk...relax time

I had tea and lunch with one of best friends in Tadoku group. We haven't met these days, so we had lots of things to chat. We talked about children's education, how our parents are doing, what books we've read and so on. I talked about who and what I'm chatting on skype.

She often says that I have special power to get acquainted with someone who turned out to be an important person for my life by chance. It's like a magnet, she says.

For example, about two weeks ago, when I was taking a walk around my neighbors, I saw a man who I could tell with just one look that he was not a Japanese. He said KONNICHIWA when we passed and I knew from the way of his Japanese that he spoke English.
First I didn't say anything but bowed a little instead of saying hello. Several minutes later, I met him again on the street, so I said hello this time and had a small conversation with him even he's a total stranger to me. And this story didn't end here.
Several days after I met him first, I saw him again while I was riding on a bike and had a street- conversation. What a coincidence.

This meeting seems to be a tiny thing but it means a lot to me.
Because he just came to Japan when I met him, so his English was not influenced by Japanese.
Even though, I was able to say hello casually and talked without much difficulty.
This encounter gave me a motivation to keep studying English and blogging in English.
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