May 22, 2008


My pen pal friend in Quebec taught me that the word 'anniversary' comes from 'annual'.
naruhodo! Thanks!

We Japanese use quite different expressions for happy occasions and sad occasions.
This is something you need to be very careful if you ever come and live in Japan.
There are many conventions and rules we have to follow in formal situations.
Even I, a Japanese person, have to look in a book explaining customs to check if my behavior is acceptable in formal situations.
Do you know these paper wrappings? These are called NOSHIGAMI.
We wrap some money and give it to our friends or relatives in certain situations.
Red noshigami is used in only good occasions like marriage.
Black one is used only in sad occasions like funeral. Not only do we use different types of wrapping papers, you have to fold the back of noshigami opposite ways.
Can you see that red one is folded upward, and black one is folded downward?
When you write your name on black Noshigami for sadness, you shouldn't use the usual black pen, but a faint-colored black pen.
Whoa! So many things to keep in mind, don't you think? After all, this is Japan...

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