May 7, 2008

Golden Week

It's been consecutive holidays called 'Golden week' in Japan.
I went for camping and mountain climbing in Nasu, Tochigi-ken.

I hate crowded places and usually go somewhere few people choose to go for a holiday.
This time my partner decided to go to Nasu, which is very famous tourist site and summer resort, so it definitely have many many people coming from Tokyo. How terrible...
I guess he chose Nasu because he's been trying to climb on all the 100 famous mountains, HYAKU MEIZAN, and Nasu Dake is one of them.

We hadn't planned well enough to reserve a camping site in most convenient camping places to Nasu Dake, so we stayed for two days in Tanpopo Mura located about 15minutes' drive from the center of Nasu area.

I like mountain climbing, but I had experienced terrible back pain several times after childbearing, so I don't feel like climbing high mountains anymore.
There is a cable car going up close to the top of Nasu Dake, so you can enjoy rather easily wonderful high mountain range and wide plain from the top of the mountain.

After the climbing, we went to a hot spring resort, Shika no Yu, and soaked in sulfurous hot spring. Nothing is more relaxing than soaking my tired body in a hot spring.

On the way home, we stopped by some Michi no Eki and bought lots of fresh and cheap vegetables. Michi no Eki is my favourite place to go when we travel by car.

I had very taste rice bowl with slices of tender beef in Michi no Eki, Yuuai no Mori in Nasu, and enjoyed a hot spring again and seasonal wild plants' Tempura in Gohou no Yu.

Even the traffic was hell and it took us almost twice the average time to go around by car anywhere we went, it was, after all, really a refreshing holiday.
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