May 14, 2008

Jollof Rice

I tried another African recipe, Jollof Rice, yesterday.
I wanted to make it just like the way the recipe says, but I needed to make some changes. First, I couldn't find parboiled rice, so I used Japanese rice I usually use instead.
Next, I don't have a gas oven, so I decided to use DONABE, an earth pot.
(I wonder I could call this DONABE rice as Jollof Rice...)

I had a gas oven in my own house in Kyushu, but I don't now because I moved to Tokyo last year and am living in a rented house. There is no space left in my small kitchen to put a gas oven. I know an electric oven doesn't satisfy me.

This is my first time to use SPAM. I thought Spam was really greasy and salty, but it was not.
My children really liked it and had another helpings again and again.
I hope I could make this with parboiled rice using a gas oven someday.
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