May 11, 2008

crane in IZUMI

When we lived in Kyushu, the south part of Japan, we went to see cranes almost every winter.
The cranes come to Izumi in Kagoshima prefecture to pass the winter from mid Ooctober to March. About 10 thousand NABEDURU, 3 thousand MANADURU, and few KURODURU, ANEHADURU, KANADADURU, SODEGURODURU come here every winter.
We usually stayed in TURUMITEI, a little inn just around the feeding area and slept and woke up with the chattering and croaking of cranes. Many who love bird watching stay at this inn. One time I met a young man from Germany.

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NEO said...

Hi, emmie-san.

There are beautiful photos.
You had been wonderful life in Kyushu.
I have been to Prf. Saga for cheering up my son Boxing match Inter-High.
On that time I stayed in Fukuoka.
There are not many hotels in Saga.
Fukuoka is very busy town.
I thought I love country-side.
You miss beartiful nature in Kyushu but you find it in the big city!

See you!!! NEO

emmie said...

NEO-san, thank you for visiting my blog! Oh, you've been to Saga! I do miss country sides...I went to many places, all the prefectures, in Kyushu and enjoyed lots of genuine hot springs. I do regret that I didn't take any pictures of them because I've not expected to move out of Kyushu and thought I could go such places again anytime I wanted. I'll come to you blog soon!

NEO said...

Hi, emmie-San

I wrote response about Head-Phone and my Enlish blog address on my blog.

emmie said...

Hello again, NEO-san! I've finally arrived at your blog, Yeah! Enjoy your new world, Blog, on your own pace. Good luck!