Apr 30, 2008

hot salad with harujon(philadelphia fleabane)

Do you know this grass? It's 春紫苑 harujion , philadelphia fleabane.
You can find this quite often in an open place this time of the year. This grass is a naturalized plant originally coming from North America. If you find this grass in your garden, I guess you would not think twice but just to pull it out, wouldn't you. You don't want this grass spread all over your garden.
But did you know? This grass is EDIBLE!
We made hot salad yesterday with this grass. It was quite easy to cook and looks quite nice and delicious, doesn't it? This salad and a glass of white wine and sliced French bread means, yes, Party!


lightly boiled Harujion (pick some soft Harujion about 10 cm from the top.)
prosciutto (raw) ham (break into small slices in the bowl of water)
lemon juice
olive oil
black pepper

Mix everything in a bowl. That's all!
(We also added yomogi(mugwort), kakidooshi(Glechoma hederacea subsp. grandis) and nobiru(
longstamen onion.)
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