Apr 7, 2008

awesome site ,inspire people

One of my friends in Tadoku circle recommended this site.
There are a ton of inspiring videos in here.

This is the best one to watch when you are too tired of dairy life and need something to aspire and uplift yourself.

What do your children do after school?
In Japan, the number of children who go to cram schools after school is getting bigger and bigger. There are even cram schools for little children under 6 to pass a test to enter famous private elementary schools.
Isn't this just weird?
This is a very nice way for children to spend time after school.
I'd like to be a stuff in these organizations.
It would be much much enjoyable and worthwhile working here than teaching at high school in Japan.

I didn't like school and even I teach at school now, to be honest, still I hate it.
School is said and considered to be the right place to send our dear children.
Parents are obliged to educate their children at public or private schools in Japan.
We have only two choices.
One of my skype friends told me there is one more choice in U.S.A., that is home education.
If you have no doubts about sending your children to school, then what do you say about this video?

One more,
He is a self-taught Japanese dancer. He appeared in TV program, zoom in, recently.
He's arranged hip hop dance and made his own style of dancing. COOL!

This TED site is worth watching to awaken yourself to new ideas, and also good to learn
how to make a presentation.
Some speakers are so skillful to grasp the audience and the room gets full of energy of the speaker and audiences at the end.
The idea of the speaker is sure to spread with this enthusiasm.
But, some seem to have no idea of making a speech and just goes on and on what he or she wants to say. The speech goes without ice breaking and ends as if nothing happened.

I wonder how those speakers are chosen.
It would be great if I could recommend Mr. Sakai someday.

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