Apr 12, 2008


I made shortbread yesterday.
I learned this recipe from African-Recipes-Secrets.com, this site is run by the mother of my children's English teacher. Great!

There are many recipes I would like to try out, so I started this easy one.
It's was easy, took me 20 minutes to prepare and I baked it for 30 minutes.
It goes well with blueberry jam, yum-yum!

These is one tiny problem to employ other countries recipes.
We use different type of 'unit', so I need to convert the unit like this,

Shortbread (half dough of the site's recipe)
2 Cups all-purpose flour → 480cc (250g) 
1/4 tsp salt → 小さじ1/4
2tsp double acting baking powder → 小さじ2
1/2 C margarine  → 120cc(120g)
1 large eggs 
4 Tbs sugar  → 大さじ4
1/2 C Milk  → 120cc (in my case, 80cc was enough)

I wonder what I'm going to make next.

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