Jun 27, 2008


Reading poetry aloud is one of the things I want to do with Tadoku friends.
Poetry for grown-ups is quite difficult to understand because of my incompetent English, but simply feeling its sound and rhythm of poetry gives me a tranquil mind.

This book is just wonderful!
People from across the US- a construction worker, kids, a teacher, an old lady-each speaks about the connection to the poem in the attached DVD.
Their comments are so wonderful and heartening, once you watch them, you feel like you're listening to the stories of your longtime friends.
The diversity of US is condensed into this poetry book.


Kukki said...

English class made me dislike poetry. I didn't want to tear the author's words apart, or overanalyze things. I wanted to think deeply on my own and come to my own conclusions. When I can do that, then I like poetry a lot. We should read poetry together sometime soon!

mrs. malone said...

Hi Kukki! (Are you going to use this name on the blog?) It's so sad to hear that your English class did't let you love poems. Teachers, including me, tend to be too serious and try to teach lots of things within the limited time. As a result, contrary to their good intention, students end up learning too much and don't have enough time to cherish what they learned. I'm trying to be not a teacher but a cheerleader for my students.
I hope someday I can let you know some easy but meaningful poems written by Japanese. maybe I'll write them in the next blog...thanks for giving me a new idea!