Jul 21, 2014

long time no writing

It's been a long while since I posted an entry, so I feel like I've totally forgotten how to write sentences in English.

Language ability can be easily lost if you don't use it daily, but since I live in Japan, where English not at all necessary to survive, it's difficult to motivate yourself to keep writing everyday. But I have to do something, or I would completely become clueless and have to start from scratch even to do some easy writing.

Actually I've been writing another blog for the last one year or so, it's not a private blog. I need to be super careful not to make too many mistakes and that keeps me away from writing. It's no good! But here in *shall we tadoku*, I don't need to worry about how poor or terrible my wiring is, but just put down anything I wanna write.

Just a bit of writing every day and I believe I'll be able to make a progress, even how tiny that would be.

Dec 25, 2013

English for what?

While listening to a speech made by some famous figure in Africa, I pondered what I really like to do from now on; I've published two ebooks this year and I feel I have nothing more to say for EFL in Japan. I live in the society where English is a subject we have to learn compulsory in Junior high, and after that, many keep on learning it at school or clam school for many years. We spend lots of time and money for English.

But, strangely, no serious discussion is made about why we have to learn English to begin with or what kind of English youngesters need to learn and acquire. What exactly is the English language we learn for? Why do we have to learn difficult grammar and strive for becoming a good user of English? What's good if many Japanese are able to use English easily? If you become fluent in English, is it possible to hold the mind or spirit as a Japanese? Doesn't the thinking pattern of English heavily influence your thinking pattern based in Japanese, and before you realize you could lose the sense of the Japanese?

I feel the gap between what I'm aiming at and the idea of general English education is getting bigger and bigger, that I'm no longer interested in the English language which is only for surviving among native speakers of English or in the countries dominated by English speaking people. I feel like I'm becoming a traitor or something whose job is to spread the evil idea of consumerism and contributing to only the Rich in the developed countries.  

Maybe I need to be more focused on the English language which is beneficial for the future of the earth, not only for some rich countries, which keep flourishing by destroying nature on the earth. I may be ignorant to the life, culture and the value system in non-English speaking countries.

If I step out a little bit of the small world of EFL in Japan, then I'd start to see more clearly the goal or the path I should take in the future, which I'd be more thrilled about and contented with...

Dec 24, 2013

where did it go, my new year resolution?

It was TM day this weekend and one of the themes we're encouraged to make a speech was about the new year resolution...

What was my resolution? Yes, I do remember well since I was dead serious at that time I came up with this year's one; keep writing the blog or other posts in English. I remember I was able to keep working on the resolution up to the middle of the year, but after that I marvelously failed to keep doing it and soon my resolution has gone far away and became a single dot in the past...

Why does that have to end like that? It's because of my writing an ebook in Japanese. I know I'm really fortunate to have a chance to publish an ebook with no initial cost or bother to take all necessary procedures. If not for all the generous support and help of my friends in job and also pastime activities, I would never have taken a challenge of writing an ebook and tried to deliver my message to a wider audience.

Yet, I'm sad that I didn't do my best to keep my resolution of writing whatever in English. I was thoroughly surprised when I looked back the entries of this blog in the beginning of this year yesterday. I was writing so many posts in English and many of them are quite long. I can't remember what it was like to write such long ones in a row.

Since I've been working on the other blog quite actively and I feel it's a bit of hassle that I have to long in another account every time I want to write an entry here, but I think it's a hassle worth taking not to lose completely the feel of writing English posts. It takes a long time before you acquire some skills, but at the same time, they will be gone quite easily before you realize if you're blind to the continuous effort you've taken for long.   

Oct 2, 2013



It's been more than ten years since I got into tadoku and other activities that  I can do in English and I feel like these days having reached to a tipping point, which could be a start line of the new phrase of EFL in Japan. I'm excited to see what's going to happen from now on, and I'm proud of myself that I haven't given up on the half way before coming to this far.
I'm afraid I won't be posting new entries often, but I've been actively working on other blogs with my friend teachers, so if you're curious to know which blogs I'm in, please leave a comment, and I'll let you know the links to them.     

Aug 12, 2013




How do you use the second or foreign language you have acquired except for work? Would you take a few moments to take this survey? 

Thanks for your help in advance!!

Jul 29, 2013


After so long absence, I posted a new entry in other kyouikugenba blog in Japanese and I'm going to write another entry here with the same theme in English.
For students, summer holiday is the time for... reading! Many of the junior high and high school students have to read several books and hand in reports at the beginning of the new semester as homework. Then why not, you teachers, read as many as or many more books as they are required to?
Moreover, it's summer time that you should have more free time to go around, so try visiting nearby libraries and read not ordinary PB or magazines but picture books and children's books!
Whenever I am asked to recommend books to English learners, I strongly encourage them to read picture books, but only female learners are serious to listen to my suggestions. I can tell that most of male learners are smiling listening to my crazy talk about reading picture books for language learning when we're in person, but deep in the mind, they're laughing at me thinking that I should have been real crazy and I don't know anything about language learning.  They should be thinking that my English competence is terribly low that I am able to read only books for small kids...
But here I have a concrete and critical reason that you shouldn't do without reading picture books if you really want to be a versatile user and teacher.
See? Even the business people highly appreciate a picture book which is meant to be a book for young learners to learn how to read. You can learn ample of tips or ideal attitude to be a strong, dynamic leader who lead a business.
It's all in your hand whether you can learn something new and worthwhile form picture books or not. If you're enough mindful and attentive, then you would learn endlessly.
You might be able to impress students with thick, heavy, and educational looking books or textbooks, but if you stop catching up with the times with reading various kinds of books, then soon your knowledge or skills would become out-dated and fossilized. Are you comfortable with that?
In addition, you should read not only newspapers or non-fiction, but fictional stories, which allow your mind to play around without any worries and binds that you would be ale to feel as young and fresh as you once had been. This is how the summer holiday should be enjoyed, right?

Jul 22, 2013

(呟き)what color our future?

We had an Upper House  election yesterday. As the result came out one by one, I got rather frustrated and irritated. Why? Why does it have to be this way? People in general, well at least around me, are concerned about the dismal state of Fukushima, totally outdated education system, how to make a sustainable society, the maintaining of medical insurance etc., but from the result of the election, I can't see any voice of those concerns from everyday people. I'm afraid Japan is by now engulfed in the endless greed of wealth-thoroughly moneywise one -seeking mind. Anyone with sober mind can tell that if another big earthquake hit somewhere around east Japan, it would be the end of Tokyo, which means not only Japan but all part of the world would be contaminated with astronomical nuclear material that no human beings can't get away from the worst scenario. Tokyo had managed to survive in the big Edo fire or a big Tokyo earthquake and revived and reconstructed from the debris of WWⅡ, but it'll be totally different next time. Some says we're deliberately made to be the dumb people by those who're part of Zaibatsu families or big global companies and I'm afraid the result of the election clear shows that the tactics is working quite well on us people.